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5 Quick Questions

with Jean-Marc Doiron

Sept. 20, 2017

When he is not busy coaching the Aigles Bleus cross-country team at Universite de Moncton, Jean-Marc Doiron of Moncton, N.B. finds plenty of time to win a few races of his own. He won the New Brunswick provincial 5K championship this year with a 16:44 race in Lameque, the George Gallant 10K in Shediac with a 31:47 time, and the Chaleur 10K in Beresford with a 33:48.
He has run two full marathons, both with impressive results. His first was winning his hometown Legs for Literacy marathon in Moncton last October with a time of 2:39:40, and followed that up this past spring in Fredericton with a third place finish of 2:44:32.
Maritime Runner caught up with Doiron recently for 5 Quick Questions.

Jean-Marc Doiron of Moncton, N.B. has had an amazing year of road and trail racing around New Brunswick, and is now focused on cross-country season.

Photo courtesy of Jean-Marc Doiron

Q: Favourite distance?
A: This is a tough one, because I love learning and mastering the subtleties of each distance. I've had my highest level of success in the 800m, and I spent years learning how to time a kick and how to be competitive in such a tactical event. Over the past year, I've run two marathons, and I loved learning how to eat on the run and I took great satisfaction in the long workouts I did to get my body ready for the race. I've also had great pleasure in running 1500m on the track, as well as 10k road races and 8k cross-country. So there isn't a distance I don't like, although my body responds better to shorter distances. I'm going to cop out and say my favourite distance is all the distances.

Q: Current/favourite shoe?
A: I have to go with the New Balance 1400 v4. Not only do I find them responsive and quick, but they are so durable, contrary to earlier versions of the 1400. I've run a marathon and over 200km of heavy workouts with my first pair, and they're still one of my go-to shoes. (For the record, I own three pairs).

Q: Fuel before/during a run?
A: My go to for fueling on the run this past year has been Power Gel strawberry banana. I find most other gels are too thick, but that one goes down smooth and the taste is bearable. For pre-race I try to stick to things I'm used to eating and I know my body can digest well. I'll often go with quinoa, fish and a salad the night before I race. I've had a few occasions where the traditional big pasta meal just sat in my stomach and I had a poor night's sleep.
Q: Music?
A: For years I've been listening to podcasts while I run. Mostly hockey news podcasts, to get me ready for another passion of mine: fantasy hockey pools. When I switch over to tunes, it's mostly hip hop these days - Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and Kodak Black.

Q: Favourite Maritime race?
A: First Maritime race that comes to mind is the 15K in Grande-Digue. I had the pleasure of running in the first 11 editions, and it always means the beginning of spring and racing season for me. After long winters of mileage in storms and in the cold, the Grande-Digue 15K in late April is always there to let you know you've made it, and that the good times are ready to roll.

Next up for Doiron will be a few big cross-country races this fall, with focus on the interlock meet in Quebec City on Oct. 7. For the medium term, he is eyeing up a return to next spring’s Fredericton Marathon. His long-term dream is to qualify for the 2021 World Francophone Games in the marathon.