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5 Quick Questions

with Ryan O'Shea

2016 was kind to Ryan O’Shea of New Maryland, N.B., who placed first at both the Fredericton Marathon in May and Marathon by the Sea in Saint John, N.B. in August. This completed his “New Brunswick Triple Crown” in the full marathon, after having won Legs for Literacy in Moncton, N.B. the previous October. His 2:39:21 finish at Fredericton was tops in the Maritimes in 2016.
We thought that earned him a spot as the first runner in “5 Quick Questions,” a feature allowing us to get to know some of our leading runners a little bit better.

Q: Favourite distance?
A: No surprises. 42.195km.

Q: Current/favourite shoe?
A: Adidas Adios Boost for workouts, Asics Gel Cumulus for easy runs.

Q: Fuel before/during a run?
A: Vector cereal with almond milk before, orange Gatorade and orange-flavoured Gu gels during.

Q: Music?
A: No music during the race, but Classified is my go-to if I’m looking for a pre-run pump-up.

Q: Favourite Maritime race?
A: Miramichi Rock n’ Run.

Next up for Ryan O’Shea will be the 2 017 Fredericton Marathon , where he will once again seek a PB in the full.

Ryan O'Shea

Photo courtesy of Ryan O'Shea