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Acting like a kid at
the Pumpkin Run

Fifty-nine take part in Petersfield Park event

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Oct. 31, 2017

WESTMOUNT, N.S. – When a running event includes a kids’ run, it can sometimes work to the benefit of those taking part in the adult run that follows.
That seemed to be the case at the Pumpkin Run, which took place at Petersfield Park in Westmount, N.S. on Sunday, Oct. 29.
“Their enthusiasm is definitely catching,” said Yvonne Jessome, who finished second among females in the 5K race, with a time of 26:17. “It is super fun to be a grown-ass adult in a silly costume, so that creates a great atmosphere.”
Jessome was one of 59 participants in the event, which she said ran really smoothly.
She also seemed pleased with her run.

Canadian Coast Guard College student Casey Quesnel finished in first place at the Pumpkin Run at Petersfield Park in Westmount, N.S. on Sunday, Oct. 29.

Photo courtesy of Casey Quesnel

“The course can be pretty tough between the hills, stumps and fallen leaves, but the route is gorgeous at this time of year so totally worth it,” she said.
Finishing in first place was Casey Quesnel, with a time of 23:03.
It was Quesnel’s first time running at Petersfield Park, even though he lives right next door at the Canadian Coast Guard College.
“I got 23:03 although my initial goal was under 21,” he said. “The course was brutal, with lots of sharp turns and ups and downs. It was a lot harder than I figured it would be.
“It was a great atmosphere, and the kids were all super cute in their costumes,” he added.
Finishing in second place was Paul Mackenzie at 23:35, followed by Sandy Muir at 23:47. The first female finisher was Leanne Stephen at 25:38, followed by Jessome at 26:17, and Karen Campbell at 27:14.
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