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Arseneau wins Irish festival 5K

Annual Miramichi event draws 42 participants

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 27, 2017

MIRAMICHI, N.B. – It was another 5K race in Miramichi last weekend, but on a different course than the fast track normally offered up in the Miramichi River Runners series.
With the Miramichi Irish Festival activities focused on the Chatham section of the city, the 5K race also took place there on Sunday, July 23.
“It’s completely different,” said Brian Richard, past president of the club. “Our regular route has a big downhill in it, while this one has a little bit of an upgrade and a little bit of a down, but is pretty flat once you’re into it. It’s not as fast, that’s for sure.”

Sylvain Arseneau led from the opening bell to win the annual Miramichi Irish Festival 5K in Miramichi, N.B. on Sunday, July 23.

Photo courtesy of Brian Richard

The top female was Amy Barrieau of Miramichi, who finished at 23:49, followed by Jacqueline Maillet at 24:26, and Nathalie Waterbury at 25:00.
For complete results, visit the Miramichi River Runners page here.
The turnout of 42 was a little above average, compared to the turnout at the race in other recent years, although down from last year’s 49. It often attracts a different crowd than other runs in the series, according to Richard.
“We get some people who are back home for the Irish festival, so they go out and see if they can run it,” he said. “We’re very happy with it. It was a good day.”
That doesn’t mean there were no fast times on Sunday. To the contrary, five of the 42 participants finished the race in less than 20 minutes. Sylvain Arseneau of Petit-Rocher was the first across the line at the 18:03 mark.
“It was a really nice day,” said Arseneau. “I love the heat when running. It was windy after the third kilometer.”
Finishing in second place was Brad McLellan at 18:33, followed by Timothy Chipman at 18:51.