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Snowy Rocky Blackmore 5K draws 22 runners

Miramichi River Runners launch 2017 season

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Jan. 1, 2017

MIRAMICHI, N.B. – While runners were met with rainy conditions in other parts of the region on New Year’s Day, those hearty souls who turned out for the Rocky Blackmore 5K had to deal with the white stuff.
“It snowed here all night, so we had about 10 centimetres, and it was snowing when we started,” said Brian Richard, past president of the Miramichi River Runners Club, which puts on the annual run.
The weather had an effect on the number of participants, according to Richard, who said 22 runners turned out for the event.
“Twenty-two is not good but, hey, what do you expect, with 10 cm down and it snowing?” he said. “I was surprised we had that many.”
The Rocky Blackmore run, named for one of the original runners who brought the club to life back in 1984, is a fun run aimed at introducing potential new runners to some of the other runners in the community, according to club president and race director Karl Robichaud, who added that it also serves as a soft launch for their 2017 racing series.

Runners gather for the annual Rocky Blackmore 5K in Miramichi, N.B. on Jan. 1, 2017.

Photos courtesy of Brian Richard

Runners meeting the snowplow during the event. An estimated 10 cm of snow had fallen on Miramichi, and more fell during the run.

Rocky W. Blackmore presented the winner of the prediction race to Mary Rawlinson, who was only three seconds off her predicted time of 34:07. Second place went to Paul Comeau, who was five seconds off, and third place to Nicole MacCullum, who was 10 seconds off.

The organizers also have some fun with the finish times. No watches or GPS devices are allowed on the course, and runners must guess their finishing times. The top three runners who come closest to guessing their times win.
“This takes away the pressure for the beginner runner and gives them a chance to see how our club works and, secondly, still allows the fast racers to guess a fast time so they can still blast the course, if they prefer.”
Best guesser this year was Mary Rawlinson, who guessed within three seconds of her finishing time of 34:10. Paul Comeau guessed within five seconds and Nicole MacCallum guessed within 10 seconds to place second and third. Rocky Blackmore himself presented medals to the winners.
Next up for the Miramichi River Runners will be the Brian Richard 5K on Sunday, Jan. 8.