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Beating the Angry Scotsman

Strowbridge wins second straight Marathon by the Sea 5K

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Aug. 12, 2017

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – They beat the rain, and one angry Scotsman.
A total of 365 participants crossed the finish line for the “Beat the Angry Scotsman” 5K at Marathon by the Sea here this morning. Running through a persistent rainfall but otherwise favourable conditions.
Dean Strowbridge of nearby Willow Grove won the event for the second straight year, crossing the line at the 16:33 mark.
“I love the course, it was well marked out, and the volunteers did a really good job,” he said. “I’m really happy with my time.”

Angus the Angry Scotsman “cheers” on the participants of the Marathon by the Sea 5K race in Saint John, N.B. on Saturday, Aug. 12.

Andrew Wagstaff photo

“This year, I thought I would do the 5K, and I think my race went pretty well. I’m just getting back into racing after taking some time off, so I’m happy overall.”
One of the things she said she enjoys about Marathon at the Sea is the fun atmosphere. Formerly known as the Harbour Passage 5K, this year’s race took on a Scottish theme, with the sounds of a pipe band welcoming runners to the finish line, and Angus the “Angry Scotsman” prodding them along.
Robinson was equally unaffected by the rain.
“I didn’t find the conditions to affect my race, however it made running on the wood part of the course more challenging,” she said. “It was nice having the rain to keep you cool, as it was a little muggy today.”
The second female finisher was Isabelle Turner at the 19:38 mark, followed by Stacy Chesnutt at 19:49.
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Also taking place at Marathon by the Sea today were the Harbour Hustle kids’ run, and the Wag ‘n Wheel fun run. Tomorrow will see the running of the full, half and quarter marathons.
Coming back from an injury that sidelined him for the first half of this year, Strowbridge was only eight seconds slower than his winning time of 16:25 from last year.
He was unbothered by the wet conditions.
“I never mind the rain at all,” he said. “At first I was dodging puddles, and then after, I just went through them.”
It’s a course Strowbridge is quite familiar with, a loop that includes Harbour Passage and the city’s boardwalk.
“I found the path a bit congested on the way back, but it goes with the course,” he said. “It’s got to be the best finish in New Brunswick, because of that whole flat stretch at the end that’s about a kilometer long. I just love it.”
Finishing second behind Strowbridge was David Huot at 18:02, followed by Tyler Turner at 18:08.
The top female finisher was Saint John’s own Katie Robinson, at the 18:56 mark.
“I really enjoyed the event,” said Robinson.