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BLT Runners reboot for spring

More than 50 take part in second annual club event

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
March 8, 2017

HALIFAX – Try as they might, runners often lose their routine during the winter months, making March a perfect time to reboot for the spring season.
The BLT Runners recognized this last weekend with their second annual Reboot Run, an event that drew more than 50 participants on Sunday, March 5.
“With spring around the corner, the first weekend in March is a perfect time to hold this event,” said club president Craig Durling. “While some of our members run consistently during the winter, we understand it is hard to stick with running though less than ideal conditions. Slippery and unclear sidewalks, storms, cold weather and a lack of daylight make winter running tough.”

Runners taking part in the second annual BLT Runners Reboot Run on March 5.

Photo courtesy of Craig Durling

The Reboot Run is a great way to re-introduce people to running, and hopefully attract new members to the club, according to Durling.
The BLT (Beechville Lakeside Timberlea) Runners formed in June of last year, when Durling and a few others decided to build on regular runs in the area that had been posted on a Facebook group.
The membership has access to a great trail system, including the groomed gravel BLT Trail that goes from the Lakeside Industrial Park all the way to Hubley, but also the Chain of Lakes Trail, which goes in the opposite direction as far as Joseph Howe Drive, and is paved and cleared of snow during the winter.
While most of the members are from the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea area of Halifax, many come from outside that area but still participate on a regular basis.
"After launching our club, we were taken a bit by surprise with the appeal to people outside our immediate area,” said Durling. “After asking members why they joined our club, we learned it was the appeal of the trails we run on, which are prime running locations."
The club has focused its first year on establishing a weekly group run, as well as regular social events and social runs. A few education sessions for members have also been organized.
The members range from learn-to-run/beginner to intermediate/recreational to experienced/developed.
Organizers hope to see the club continue to build in the year ahead.
"Our goal for 2017 and beyond is to continue to focus on slowly building a strong foundation of consistent runners,” said vice-president Ian Loughead. “We believe a group with a solid core will weather the ups and downs of the seasons and keep things alive and active."
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