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Call them the breeze

Trail run raises funds for Halifax Independent School

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Oct. 1, 2017

LAWRENCETOWN, N.S. – Hurricanes, gales, zephyrs and more combined here Saturday morning to make for a perfect storm of trail running.
About 100 runners took part in the 10K and 5K timed runs, while many more ran in the 5K untimed event and the 2K kids’ run at Lawrencetown Beach for the fifth anniversary edition of the Ocean Breeze Trail Run.
In his first-ever 10K race, Scott Bennett of Halifax finished in first place with a time of 43:47, and said he had a great experience.

The fifth anniversary edition of the Ocean Breeze Trail Run took place in Lawrencetown, N.S. on Saturday, Sept. 30. The annual event is a fundraiser for Halifax Independent School.

Photo courtesy of Ocean Breeze Trail Run on Facebook

“Even though it was a chilly morning, it was beautiful running along the water at Lawrencetown Beach,” he said. “The only downside was that I wish the trail had been marked more clearly. There were a few times where I got confused about where I was going. Other than that, I had a really great run.”
Bennett was more than three minutes ahead of Aaron Foshay, who finished in second place with a time of 46:57, followed by Ian Campbell at 47:57. The top female finisher was Shaelene Stromberg of Halifax at the 51:43 mark, followed by Kayla Cyr at 52:54, and Lisa Loomer at 58:00.
In the 5K “Gale” race (the 10K was the “Hurricane”), Callum Myers of Dartmouth placed first with a time of 20:51, followed by Derrick Priest at 21:03, and Adam Johnson at 22:13.
The top female finisher was Courteney Osborne of Timberlea, with a time of 27:44.
“I think it was a great little race,” she said. “Hopefully next year, Rum Runners won’t coincide with it, as it’s a great 5K for a PB.”
Having never run the Ocean Breeze before, Osborne said she was excited to see what it offered, despite the chilly fall temperatures Saturday morning presented.
She said she positioned herself between the 25-minute and 30-minute pace bunnies, hoping to keep the 25-minute bunny in her sights.
“At the turnaround point, I could tell that I was the first female,” she said, conceding that the popular Rum Runners Relay took a lot of fast runners away from Halifax on Saturday. “I was still excited and tried to maintain pace on my way back… the one downside of a straight, flat trail is that I could see that darned finish line forever.”
Finishing second among females was Sophie Jobin at 27:58, followed by Jillian Fowler at 28:21.
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The Ocean Breeze Trail Run is a fundraiser for Halifax Independent School, which is in the process of raising funds for a new gymnasium.