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Fueling young minds
in St. Stephen

Rotary Run to support school breakfast programs

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Sept. 29, 2017

ST. STEPHEN, N.B. – The location has changed over the years, and so has the name of the event, but the goal remains the same – to support Rotary and the community it serves.
The annual Rotary Run to Fuel Young Minds will take place in St. Stephen on Sunday, Oct. 1, with this year’s focus on the community’s younger population.
“All funds raised go to our charitable giving in the communities we serve,” said Tara Moore, co-chair of the event. “This year we changed the name of our run from a Run/Walk for Charity to the Rotary Run to Fuel Young Minds to provide clarity to our participants as to where the funds raised will be going – breakfast programs in Charlotte County schools.”

The annual Rotary Run to Fuel Young Minds will take place in St. Stephen, N.B. on Sunday, Oct.1. Shown here are participants heading out for last year’s event.

Photo courtesy of Tara Moore

Dorothy Devlin, a Rotarian with the St. Stephen-Milltown Rotary Club, started the event nine years ago. That first run took place on the new No. 1 highway when it was completed but before it opened to traffic, starting and finishing at the last entrance onto the highway, and going to the new bridge and back.
“They had a great crowd for the event, as many wanted to take part in such a unique experience,” said Moore. “I’m sure many were curious as to how the new highway looked. Over the years, the run/walk has taken place at different venues with turnouts of between 80-140 participants.”
A committee within the Rotary club puts the event on each year, but the main driver of its annual success is the generosity of its sponsors, according to Moore.
After the inaugural run on the new, unopened highway, the event moved to the Ganong Nature Park within St. Stephen, but will this year have a start/finish at the Garcelon Civic Centre.
“The course this year had to change due to construction along our picturesque Milltown Blvd. that follows the St. Croix River,” she said. “But we have an equally beautiful route along residential streets of St. Stephen where runners will find a few hills but more gradual inclines/declines.”
Turnout is largely weather dependent, but Moore is expecting between 120-140 participants.
Distances will include a 10K run, a 5K walk/run, and an 800m cross-country kids’ run that was brought about through a partnership with St. Stephen Middle School.
“What better way for the students to showcase a healthy, active lifestyle that gives back with healthy breakfast choices to start their day off right, academically and physically?” she asked.
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