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Georgetown welcomes second annual race

5K, 10K presented by P.E.I. Marathon July 23

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 19, 2017

GEORGETOWN, P.E.I. – She hasn’t lived there for 40 years, but Georgetown is still the hometown of Prince Edward Island Marathon race director Myrtle Jenkins-Smith.
It was that personal attachment that made her approach the community’s town council about holding a 5K/10K walk/run there last year, under the auspices of the annual marathon.
“It’s really a quaint, beautiful little community, and the scenery really is quite something for a small town,” said Jenkins-Smith, who got the P.E.I. Marathon started 14 years ago and has served as its race director ever since. “We have the water, we have a piece of the trail, we have the town and the outskirts… it’s very pretty and scenic.”

The second annual Georgetown 5 & 10K will take place on Sunday, July 23 in Georgetown, P.E.I., presented by the P.E.I. Marathon.

Photo courtesy of P.E.I. Marathon

The other appealing factor was that the community wanted the event, and was willing to support it, she said. The marathon committee took on a three-year commitment to put on the Georgetown event, with the support of town council and a small committee of people.
The inaugural event last year was a success last year, and the second annual Georgetown 5 & 10K will take place on Sunday, July 23.
Holding the event under the umbrella of the marathon event, which takes place in October, provides a ready-made infrastructure that is vital to a small-town race, according to Jenkins-Smith.
“There’s no way it could succeed without it,” she said. “We can take all our signage out there, take our arch out there, and all that stuff you couldn’t afford to purchase. It adds instant credibility, and we have access to all those pieces we know we need.
“I just lugged it all out there in the back seat of my car,” she added. “So it really helped, and it’s great for that end of the province.”
The 5K course starts and finishes at the parking lot of Georgetown Elementary School, and runs past beautiful gardens along the coast, as well as a trail portion. There are a couple of inclines on the way back, but the route is mostly flat.
The 10K course is two loops of the 5K course.
Indications are that the turnout will be strong again this year, according to Jenkins-Smith.
“Last year, we thought we’d get 50 people, and we got 96,” she said. “This year we had hoped for 125, and as of last night we’re already at about 112, so we’ll probably have 150… The numbers are very strong.”
The event attracts both year-round residents and summer visitors, and both runners and walkers.
“We’re getting more people in King’s County active,” she said. “By putting the 5/10K walk in there, people say ‘I can do that’ and it encourages them to get up and move.”
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