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Maritime Race Weekend adds Tidal Trail 15K

Tartan Trio one of three new options offered

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
April 15, 2017

EASTERN PASSAGE, N.S. – The ever-growing Maritime Race Weekend is expanding beyond its familiar Fisherman’s Cove base this year with the addition of a 15K trail race on Saturday afternoon.
The Tidal Trail 15K will take place at the nearby Salt Marsh Trail, and will be offered as three different registration options: as a single race; as part of the Tartan Twosome 5K and 15K; and as part of the Tartan Trio 5K, 10K and 15K.
“Offering a triple challenge has been in the Maritime Race Weekend plans since the event’s inception,” said race director Michelle Kempton, who has added new features and options each year.

A 15K race along the beautiful Salt Marsh Trail will be the newest addition to Maritime Race Weekend this year.

Photo courtesy of Michelle Kempton

“Runners have come to expect Maritime Race Weekend to be an innovator and leader in road races; it’s expected we’ll constantly grow and improve. We don’t want the event to become stale.”
The Tidal Trail 15K will be offered at 4 p.m. on Saturday, while the weekend will continue to include the traditional events at Fisherman’s Cove – the Sunset 5K, Sunrise 5K, Coastal 10K, Scenic Half-Marathon and Classic Marathon.
With the event now reaching five years of age, Kempton said the time was right to expand. The September event is typically sold out by late spring/early summer each year.
“Fisherman’s Cove is at capacity with 2,500 runners each day,” she said. “It’s got a great vibe and energy, but we don’t want it to become over-crowded by growing just because the demand is there. We have a magnificent trail system within our community that is popular with runners, so moving to the trail was the best route option for our triple race expansion.”
The new option will offer an alternative to the other races on asphalt, and proceeds from that event will also help to raise money for the local trail association.
The route was chosen because it showcases Nova Scotia’s scenery and landscape, with 50 per cent of the route taking place on the Salt Marsh Causeway with water on each side. It also offers reasonably flat terrain for those looking for a great 15K finish time.
“I was tempted to call it the Pancake 15K, but then I was worried people would expect me to be cooking breakfast at the finish line,” joked Kempton.
For more information on Maritime Race Weekend, visit their website here .