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MEC series returns with Citadel Highlander

Second straight sellout for Halifax event

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
April 27, 2017

HALIFAX – Three months have passed since the MEC Halifax race series got underway with a sellout at Point Pleasant Park, and the event is showing no decline in popularity as it nears its second race of 2017.
The Citadel Highlander will take place on Sunday, April 30, and race director Christine Krochak said participation numbers are once again looking strong.
“We capped and sold out at 600, and then Atlantic Chip ordered more chips, then it sold out (again),” said Krochak. “It’s the biggest MEC race to date.”

Parka the Beaver, the Parks Canada mascot, will be among those present for the MEC Race Two on Citadel Hill on Sunday, April 30.

Photo courtesy of MEC Halifax

The event, co-sponsored by MEC and Parks Canada, will offer both a 10K and a 5K race, although course and length could be altered by a slight amount if weather conditions present potential dangers to the planned route.
This year’s race starts inside the Citadel in Parade Square, and not Grand Parade by City Hall.
“There is a lot of construction on site, so again, the course will be different as it has been every year,” she said. “We are sad to not be up on the ramparts this year, but we do get to use three sally ports and the ditch. Runners will again pass through a WW1 trench.”
Of all of the MEC series runs, Krochak said the Citadel is a lot of fun, with bagpipes, Parka the Beaver, sally ports, the ditch and a few hills creating a memorable atmosphere for the runners.
Meanwhile, interest continues for the rest of the MEC series, which has a reputation of low fees and professional organization that continues to grow. Many runners are already registering for Race Three on the Salt Marsh Trail in Cole Harbour on June 25.
But, for now, Krochak and her team are focused on the April 30 race.
“We are excited for Sunday,” she said. “This race has a lot of moving parts and we are pumped to take over the fort this weekend.”
For more information on the MEC Citadel Highlander, visit here .