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Moose Run celebrates 25th anniversary with record crowd

Annual 25K run draws 243 participants

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
March 19, 2017

EASTERN PASSAGE, N.S. – Tom Harmes has seen a lot in his 25 years of putting on the Moose Run with Steve MacNeil, but even he seemed surprised at how the event continues to grow with each year.
The annual 25K race through Cow Bay drew a record 243 runners this year, smashing the attendance record of 217 set last year.
“It went really well,” said Harmes. “I haven’t heard anything negative. We had a record number, the weather was good, the presentations inside seemed to go well, and we had a couple invited guests. I’m happy with it.”

(From left) Leah Jabbour, Tonya Brennan and Sarah Macdonald were among the runners taking part in the Moose Run on Sunday, March 19.

Andrew Wagstaff photo

One of those invited guests was Amanda Quarmby Bennett who is training for the Great Wall of China Marathon for Team Diabetes, and raising money for the Canadian Diabetes Association in the process. Harmes presented her with a $100 donation from the Moose Run, and gave her the opportunity to share her story with the large crowd in attendance.
The many runners seemed happy with the day’s event. While the course was challenging, it was not enough to wipe the smiles off hundreds of faces.
“There were many hills,” recalled Michael Bergeron, who bettered his goal pace of 3:55 by one second. “You’d finish one hill and be surprised with another one. I should have taken that into account because this was my third time doing it, but I always forget.”
Bergeron started conservatively with a small group of runners, and then picked up the pace for a strong finish, four weeks away from his debut at the Boston Marathon debut next month. Like many others deep into Boston training, he ran extra kilometres before and after the Moose Run.
Chad Gilbert and Drew Moore ran the Moose Run for the first time, both enjoying the experience.
“I was glad to make it, especially for the 25th anniversary,” said Moore, training for the Ottawa Marathon in May. “It was a lot of fun.”
Gilbert was not surprised by the tough course.
“People had been warning me that it was hilly and beautiful, and it delivered on both counts, especially today, because it was a great day for it,” he said. “I didn’t see the moose though!”
Emphasis is not placed on times or placings at this event, according to Harmes, who said they try to keep it low key compared to other events. No registration fee is charged, although donations are encouraged, with any profits donated to charity. A warm bowl of chili and eligibility for many door prizes awaits each finisher.
“I tell everybody, come run with a bunch of your friends and we’ll feed you,” he said. “Don’t be critical of our event because it doesn’t matter, I’m not going to entertain your criticisms. Come and enjoy yourself. Where else can you run on a Sunday morning with 200 people, and come back where everybody gets fed and walks away with a little souvenir?”
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