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More than 200 take
Cross Border Challenge

Beattie wins in his first half marathon

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
June 24, 2017

AMHERST, N.S. – Both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia saw rain in the border region today, but it did not seem to impact the ninth annual Cross Border Challenge.
“It went very well,” said Jeff MacNeil, manager of development at the YMCA of Cumberland, which puts on the event.
This year’s event saw a total of 206 register, an increase of 50 participants from 2016.

Anthony Fromm (left) and Larry Pardy cross the bridge during the ninth annual Cross Border Challenge on Saturday, June 24.

“Despite the rain, many spectators cheered on the runners at the finish line,” he said.
The most popular event seemed to be the 10K, which had a total of 85 take part. It was a classic battle between border towns, as Kip Jackson of Sackville, N.B. edged out last year’s champion, Anthony Fromm of Amherst, to finish in first place with a time of 38:17.
It was Jackson’s first time running the Cross Border 10K.
“I especially enjoyed the terrain around Aulac because it’s quite similar to what I’m used to in the Sackville Tantramar Marsh area,” he said. “Hearing bagpipes at the beginning of the race provided a fantastic lift.”
Due to various issues with his ankle and foot, Jackson has not had a great year of training, but said he was overall happy with his result.
“Considering it’s a ‘cross-border challenge,’ I was also happy to notch a little victory for my home province, New Brunswick,” he said.
Fromm took second place with a time of 41:39, followed by David Enman at 43:10.
The top female was Krista Harrison of Halifax at 44:02, followed by Kim Faulkner at 49:01 and Emma Winters at 49:07.
Originally from Amherst, Harrison was thrilled to cross the finish line in her hometown, especially with family members such as nieces Olivia and Marley cheering her on. The support helped drive her to a strong finish, she said.
“The Cross Border event continues to be a fantastic one,” she said. “I love how the organizers, running community, and community at large really get behind this and make it better every year. Huge shout-out to all involved.”
In the 5K it was Chuck Dixon of Sackville, N.B. finishing first at 19:33, followed by Oscar Sigtryggsson at 24:21, and David McLeod at 24:37. Top females were Lisa Parsons of Westville at 26:33, Amy Manzer at 27:41, and Taylor Laceby at 27:57.
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Local runner Kent Beattie of Amherst took first place in his very first half marathon, with a time of 1:29:40, followed by Alan White at 1:31:46, and Colton Caballero at 1:41:44.
“What a great race it was,” said Beattie. “At the start, Alan White and I were neck and neck. He passed me going up Havelock Street and we battled it out from them on. I started to pull away slightly going up LaPlanche, but I could hear his footsteps as we went down through Fort Lawrence.”
The volunteers were friendly and encouraging, and the traffic offered a wide berth so runners did not have to run on the shoulder, according to Beattie.
“It is a challenging course with the hills, but being local I’ve run it twice recently and was ready for it,” he said. “It was an unforgettable experience tearing across the finish line in first place.”
Top female was Stacy Sproule of Rusagonis, N.B., followed by Karen Brookins at 1:55:36, and Cindy Gaudet at 1:55:52.
Events did not wrap up with the races. The Cumberland Y service club was also hosting a beer garden Saturday night at the Amherst Stadium, featuring a performance from Big Fish.