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New Englanders top the field at Nova Scotia Marathon

Dewolfe, McNeil tie for first in half marathon

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 23, 2017

BARRINGTON, N.S. – Stephen Walsh went home to Boston today qualified for that city’s 2018 marathon, thanks to a 3:02:04 victory at the 47th annual Nova Scotia Marathon.
Walsh, actually from Cambridge, Massachusetts, finished atop the field in his first-ever full marathon.
“I wanted to qualify for Boston, so it was either this one or San Francisco,” said Walsh. “This one was a lot more accessible, and I like the course better. I had an amazing experience.”
He was happy with the course, which he found to be fairly flat until the last 8K or so, and the conditions, which were sunny but not overwhelmingly hot, especially in the first half.
Although he had never hit the wall in training before, Walsh admitted the latter part of the race was a struggle for him.

Supporters cheer on the runners as they cross the causeway from Cape Sable Island to the finish line at the Nova Scotia Marathon on Sunday, July 23.

Photos by Andrew Wagstaff

“I was on track for a sub-3 up until about halfway,” he said. “Then I started slipping a little bit, and then a lot at the end.”
Finishing second behind Walsh was Neal Cody at 3:09:44, followed by Richard Paixao at 3:15:50.
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It was another New Englander, Colleen Ryan of Intervale, New Hampshire, who finished as the top female, with a time of 3:18:17.
Ryan was thrilled with her experience.
“I don’t think I’ve ever been to a race that was this well organized,” she said. “The people were super nice, and the course was gorgeous, with views of the ocean. It couldn’t be better.”
Ryan qualified for Boston, smashing her goal of finishing under 3:30.
“I’ve done faster ones, but I haven’t run since I had this guy,” she said, holding her 13-month-old son. “I was qualified when I got pregnant with him, so I missed that race.”
The second female finisher was another New Hampshire runner, Beth Connolly, with a time of 3:47:19, followed by Andrea MacNevian at 3:51:47.
Much of the local excitement at this year’s event centered on the half marathon race, which saw many Run Nova Scotia members taking part in the Performance Series.

Stephen Walsh of Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S.A. was the winner of the 47th annual Nova Scotia Marathon.

Topping the stacked field were Cal Dewolfe and Matt McNeil, who crossed the finish line together in first place at a time of 1:12:33. The pair said they had planned it that way, and are already thinking about the Dartmouth Natal Day race coming up.
“Today’s goal wasn’t to push it,” said McNeil, who was about a minute slower than his winning time at the event last year. “We ran faster than we planned, but we’re pretty happy that it was a controlled effort, which was the main thing.”
Some of the rolling hills on the course saw them speeding up and slowing down a bit to try and keep a consistent pace, according to Dewolfe.
“We’ve been training together in Halifax, so we just wanted to get in a good effort and not kill it or anything,” he said. “We still have a race in two weeks and are trying to get decent mileage.”
Finishing in third place was Matthias Mueller at 1:14:46, while the top female finisher was Colleen Wilson, at a time of 1:23:43.
It was Wilson’s second straight year winning the half marathon at the event. Although her time was slightly slower, she said she preferred this year’s conditions over the heat of last year.
“It’s probably the slowest I’ve run, but the goal today was just to feel good,” she said. “And I felt good, at least for the first 15K.”
The second female finisher was Emily Hamilton at 1:23:53, followed by Denise Robson at 1:25:30.
In the 10K race, it was Jason Mossman of Lunenburg finishing in first place with a time of 41:25.
“It was my first time running it, and it worked out well for me,” said Mossman. “I liked the course, with its nice views, and it was nice and flat too.”
Finishing in second place was Korey MacKinnon at 43:23, followed by Andrew Wells at 43:32.
The top female was Heather Baillie of Yarmouth, with a time of 43:46.
“It’s a nice course, flat, and good if you’re looking for your best time,” said Baillie. “It’s not my best, but it’s my best this year, so I’m happy.”
The second female finisher was Jessica MacKinnon at 45:37, followed by Joanie Mathieu at 45:39.
A total of 331 runners and walkers crossed the finish line today, a turnout that exceeded the expectations of race director Anna Kenney, who was quite pleased with the day’s event.
“It wasn’t looking good at the beginning of the week, when I was wondering if we were going to hit 200,” said Kenney. “It was slow. But once registrations started coming in, they poured in.”
The Nova Scotia Marathon is the longest-running marathon event in Atlantic Canada.

Top female finisher Collen Ryan of Intervale, New Hampshire, U.S.A.

Cal Dewolfe (left) and Matt McNeil tied for first in the half marathon.

Top female half marathon finisher Colleen Wilson