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New route for Pictou County Hypo Half

10K distance also added to this year’s event

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Feb. 14, 2017

TRENTON, N.S. – A new route and a new distance are among the highlights of this year’s upcoming Pictou County Hypothermic Half Marathon and DQ 10K Blizzard.
This year’s event will take place on Sunday, March 5, and race director Terri Waldron is hoping those interested in participating will soon register.
The 10K distance was added this year due to demand from the runners, and thanks to support from sponsor Dairy Queen, she explained.

Participants in last year's Pictou County Hypothermic Half Marathon.

Bob MacEachern photo

“We did have a lot of people saying they would love to do it, but they can’t run a half,” she explained. “We recognized that the half is a little more for serious runners, especially in the wintertime. You might get more newbies attempting a half in the summer, but it’s not as easy in the winter. They were asking for it, so we said why not. Dairy Queen was already one of our main sponsors, so we decided to call it the 10K Blizzard.”
Those who may have found the half marathon route in past years might be encouraged to know that it has been altered this year to be a little more elevation-friendly.
“In previous years it was a very difficult route,” said Waldron. “This year it will go from the community centre down and out to Black Point and back, which is 10K, and the half runners will do it twice. So we eliminated a few of the big hills.”
This year will mark the fifth for the event, which is put on by Waldron and her husband. Folks from the Johnny Miles event team have provided support at the start and finish lines for the past two years.
All funds raised from the event go to the YMCA Strong Kids program.
The idea behind the event is to promote health and wellness in the wintertime, and to get people out and have a good time, she explained.
“To run through the winter is hard, but if you have a race destination you’re more apt to get out on those cold days when you really don’t want to because you have a race to do,” said Waldron. “We wanted to make it local and fun.”
At only $25, few could argue the cost of registration is unreasonable. The idea was to give people something to do without having to drive somewhere like Halifax, Moncton or farther, where combined travel and registration costs for a couple can often turn into a $200 venture.
The run is not officially timed, but those who keep track of their own time are welcome to write it down on a board afterwards.
“The running community, or any kind of athletic community can be very competitive, so sometimes it’s nice to go to a race and not be watching your time,” she said. “For those who want to, they can put their time up, but if they don’t want to it’s not a big deal because it’s not what it’s really about.”
Last year’s event drew about 80 participants, and Waldron is hoping the addition of the 10K distance will see that number grow to more than 100 this year.
For more information on the Pictou County Hypothermic Half Marathon and DQ Blizzard 10K, visit here .