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Nutrition Matters

by Jennie Orr

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Nutrition Matters: Helping you meet your nutrition goals in the kitchen, in the gym, and on the run.
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Eating on the Run

    I love running, I love glorious Gatorade, I love flashy neon tights and camel back hydration backpacks, but the one thing I would rather do without is gels.
    Let’s face it, at some point or other after your initiation to running, you will succumb to peer pressure and sign up for a half or even a full marathon. This is an amazing time in your life where you will learn how to get up at 6 a.m. on Sunday mornings when the rest of the world is still sleeping and drag yourself around town with your oh so enthusiastic running friends for two-plus hours.
    Yes, you will love it and yes, you will start to look forward to those Gatorade breaks where you stop and drink sugary liquids followed by semi-solid gels. Unfortunately, there are some of us runners, myself included, who would just rather not drown themselves in sticky, goopy, semi-solid gels.
    So what about real food? Could we actually use real food to fuel our runs? I know this probably sounds crazy because gels are so conveniently packaged and do not need to be prepared the night before; however, if you have never tried real food and you find yourself gagging back your gels, you just may want to give these real food suggestions a try on your next long run.
    **Remember: On a long run you want to choose foods that are low in fat, fiber, and protein.
    - Choose foods that contain higher amounts of salt, potassium, and sugar (carbs).
    During a long run, you want to consume between 30-60 grams of carbohydrate per hour. See my suggestions on the right.
    So, there you have it. The next time you go to the grocery store, stock up on some of these foods. Not only are they cheaper than gels, they taste good, and they can be easily stored in a pocket.
    Next month’s topic: Quick and easy snack ideas for the runner who is always on the run! Being a runner is hectic between yoga, long runs, and ice baths we don’t always have hours to cook delicious healthy meals. Next month’s article will look at some quick, healthy and easy snacks you can take with you to help fuel your workouts between meals as well as keeping the run hunger at bay.
   This being said, have you tried the new maple syrup gels? Pure maple syrup and salt, only two ingredients and pretty close to real food :)



1 small box of Thompson’s raisins, 33 grams carb
2 Fig cookies (yes, those yummy delicious cookies you buy as a treat), 40 grams carb
2 ounces of salty pretzels (about 9 small round pretzels), 46 grams carb
6 ritz crackers (low fat variety), 30 grams carb
1/3 cup dried mango, 40 grams carb
1/3 cup jelly beans, 40 grams carb
½ raisin bagel, 40 grams carb