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Point Pleasant postponement a tough call for MEC

Registrations already coming in for new Jan. 29 date

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Jan. 8, 2017

HALIFAX – Christine Krochack got up this morning with every intention of holding a race at Point Pleasant Park. Mother Nature, on the other hand, had other plans.
The outreach and learning coordinator for MEC Halifax made the decision this morning after arriving at the site and finding too much snow at and around the site to make it possible for the planned 11 a.m. start. The first event of the MEC 2017 series has been postponed to Jan. 29 .
“The decision today was a tough one, for sure, but one I can stand 100 per cent behind,” said Krochack, who admitted that she flip-flopped a lot this morning before making the final call.

The launch of the MEC Halifax 2017 series will have to wait. The year's first event of the year at Point Pleasant Park has been postponed until Jan. 29.

Photo courtesy of MEC

After taking an hour to dig out her own car this morning, Krochack said local weather reports were varied, but Nova Scotia highway cameras showed windy, snowy conditions that would have been dangerous for the many participants who travel from outside the Halifax Regional Municipality area.
She proceeded to the site and found road conditions in the city to be terrible, with a bus stuck on Barrington Street, and Hollis Street not cleared well. She and another staff member dug out their trailer full of equipment and moved on to Point Pleasant Park, where they found plenty more snow.
“Nothing had been cleared and there was so much snow down there that we would not have been able to get Atlantic Chip close to the start line… you know, the place they need to be!” said Krochak. “I don’t mind some clearing, and had packed a lot of shovels, but it would have taken our team hours and we would have never made the 11 a.m. start time.”
The parking areas had also not been cleared, and there was a lot of snow on the trails.
“We ventured in a bit, but it was clear that it was not great for runners with knee-deep heavy snow,” she said. “I consulted with my manager, the other three staff with me, and made the announcement.”
Participants have been supportive of the decision, and additional registrations have already come in for the new Jan. 29 date, and for the whole 2017 package.
“Participant safety is my number one priority,” said Krochack. “Normally, I just have to worry about the actual course, but today was so much more.”
It was the first time she had to postpone an event due to weather since the very first race they held at Point Pleasant Park, when an overnight deep freeze turned the trails into a skating rink.