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Run Nova Scotia announces 2017 series

Road Race Series, Performance Series to include 20 events

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Jan. 13, 2017

HALIFAX – From one-milers to marathons, from Sydney to Yarmouth, a widespread range of events were announced Thursday by Run Nova Scotia for its 2017 Road Race Series and Performance Series.
Kicking off with Run Our Shore in Liverpool on April 23, and wrapping with Rocky’s Run in Truro on Oct. 23, runners wishing to participate in this year’s Road Race Series will have 20 different events to choose from around the province.
Meanwhile, the performance series will get underway with the Osprey 5K in Riverport on May 13, and wrap with the half marathon at the Cape Breton Fiddlers Run in Sydney on Sept. 10.

Dartmouth's EPIC Canadian run, shown here from last year, will once again be included in this year's Run Nova Scotia Road Race series.

Photo by Paul Morris

The Run Nova Scotia board voted Monday on which events to include, and announced the results on Thursday evening.
“I’m pretty excited,” said Jennie Orr, who coordinated the road race series with Michael Bergeron. “I think we have a really good lineup. We have some difficult races, which is good, so we have some variety in there, and we also have some flat and fast ones.”
Having both the road race series and the performance series provides runners of all abilities the opportunity to take part, she explained.
“We wanted to have them both for fun and to give people who want to compete something to work towards as well,” said Orr. “Not everyone wants to run for performance, some just like the social aspect of getting out to meet other people.”
For the road race series, they tried to mix it up by offering some trail runs, some shorter distances and some longer distances.
She said she is excited to add two from the MEC (Mountain Equipment Cooperative) series, which offer diverse trail running that is both affordable and well organized. Included from the MEC series are the Salt Marsh Trail race in June and the Musquodobit race in September.
Both the road race series and the performance series are part of Run Nova Scotia’s efforts to support road races around the province. The road race series is open to everyone, and Run Nova Scotia members are awarded points based on their finish position relative to others in their age and gender class.
“That’s right: if you’re a 63-year-old man, you’re not competing against 22-year-old women for points,” explained Michael Bergeron, who coordinated the road race series with Jennie Orr. “Each race is there for all to experience the thrill of participation and the joy of crossing the finish line.”

“I’m hoping all of them will be great, especially newer ones like Run Our Shore,” said McNeil. “They’ve only been around for three years or so, so it’s exciting to have a newer race on. Then we have races like the Penguin Run and the Natal Day run, and those usually draw quite a few elite runners, so it’s cool to see some head-to-head competition.”

The performance series focuses on fewer events and only the 5K, 10K and half marathon distances. Each runner has three tries at each distance, with the cumulative time of each best try added together for their final result. Winners receive prize money, ranging from $750 for first place, to $200 for fifth place.

There were many considerations for this year’s performance series events, according to coordinator Matt McNeil, who made recommendations to the board.
“The way I approached it, I wanted to try and spread the events out as much as possible, both through the road racing season and geographically, so I looked at timing,” he explained. “I tried to spread the 5Ks out as much as I could over the season, same with the 10Ks and the halfs, and also accommodate as many people as I could so they don’t have to drive to Cape Breton every time they want to do a race.”
On top of that, he looked at which races normally have good numbers, which are fairly competitive, and which are considered relatively fast.
New events to the series this year include the MEC Race Four in Musquodoboit, which will give runners a 5K option late in the season, and Run Our Shore in Liverpool, which will be the first half marathon for the series this year.
The hope is that the events will benefit from having the performance series potentially elevate their status, while the new events will help keep the series fresh.
Also new to the performance series this year is an under-18 category, where young runners can select any two 5K runs in the series to compete in. While there will be no prize money for this category, the winner will receive a complimentary Run Nova Scotia registration and a gift certificate.
See the complete lineup for the road race series here , and the complete lineup for the performance series here .