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Sawyer finishes first in 352e Demi-marathon de l’Acadie

Monthly Tracadie race draws 24 on a chilly morning

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Feb.12, 2017

TRACADIE, N.B. – It was a week later than scheduled, but the 352nd Demi-marathon de l’Acadie went off without a hitch here this morning.
Twenty-four runners took part in the event in -22 degree weather but otherwise decent conditions, according to race director Donald Wade.
“The conditions were quite good, except for the cold,” said Wade. “The roads were OK, with a little bit of snow on the side but most runners ran on the paved section. It went well.”
Greg Sawyer of Edmundston was first across the finish line with a strong 1:16:45 finish, followed by Sylvain Arseneau of Petit-Rocher with a 1:29:05, and Patrick Hache of Tracadie at 1:29:44.
Greg Sawyer of Edmundston finished first in the 352e Demi-marathon de l'Acadie with a time of 1:16:45.
Only three female runners took part in the race, and Marcelle Breau of Tracadie led the way with a 1:54:05 time, followed by Silvia Antuna of Tracadie at 1:56:44, and Valerie Jean of Bois Gagnon at 2:01:08.
Sawyer said he felt pretty good about his race.
“I was supposed to do it in 1:18, but I felt I could push a little harder,” he said. “It was pretty cold at the start, -23, so it took me 2 km before my feet got hot. Because of the snow on the side of the road it was a little slippery sometime, but I really had a great time today.”
He complimented the organizers for putting together a great event.
“It was not my fastest run,” said Arseneau, who is deep into training for the upcoming Boston Marathon. “I felt tired, so I took it as a long run for training.”
He agreed with Wade that the conditions were about as good as can be expected for this time of year.
“The weather was good, no wind and lots of sun,” he said. “The roads were snow pack on the side, but good running conditions.”
The race had been scheduled for Sunday, Feb. 5, but was postponed due to the effects of the ice storm that rocked eastern New Brunswick in January. The Tracadie area is now recovered from the storm, according to Wade, who said he did not believe the postponement affected their turnout today.
“I know some people had holidays planned in the south, so they were gone, at least four people and maybe more,” he said. “That could have affected the number this morning, but still, 24 runners is good for a winter race.”
The next running of the Demi-Marathon de l’Acadie, the 353rd, will take place on Sunday, March 5.