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Second annual TrALE run
bigger and better

Beer, cider and trail running in Falmouth

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Oct. 3, 2017

FALMOUTH, N.S. – When Andrew Friars takes part in a race, he usually gets changed afterwards and drives right home. Not so at the Falmouth TrALE Run.
“At the TrALE run I always stay a couple of hours and enjoy the event and cheer on runners finishing,” he said. “There is a very open and welcoming feel to this event.”
The Saturday, Sept. 30 event offered 10K and 5K routes along the trail system at Castle Frederick Farms, with stops along the way to try some of the area’s finest craft brewery and cider products.
Friars was the first finisher in the 5K run, while Brodi Robinson came first in the 10K.

Falmouth TrALE Run race director Kathy Johnston congratulates 5K runner Andrew Friars (middle) and 10K runner Brodi Robinson after their first place finishes on Saturday, Sept. 30 in Falmouth, N.S.

Photo courtesy of Shannon Pierangeli

But this event was more about enjoying the atmosphere than winning a race. The runs are untimed and non-competitive.
“Most people are there to enjoy the scenery and the beer,” he said. “There are always a couple fools like myself who will race it, but we are the minority. The amount of alcohol served is very well controlled and everyone is well behaved and responsible. Overall, this is a really fun time and I can’t wait until next year.”
Friars is a teacher at Fitness Junkies, which is owned by race director Kathy Johnston. He was not involved with putting on the run, which he said was bigger and better organized than last year.
Recognizing and celebrating individual goals are part of the core values at Fitness Junkies, he said.
“This is also the mindset behind the TrALE run,” said Friars. “Everyone is welcome to come have fun and tell someone how awesome they are and cheer on their fellow runners.”
Johnston could not have been happier with the day’s event.
“It was amazing,” she said. “The reviews were all fantastic, and the smiles were even bigger.”