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Sole Sisters comfortable in
new home at Graham's Grove

June 9 event capped at 1,500, sold out in April

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
May 29, 2018

DARTMOUTH, N.S. – Now that the Sole Sisters women’s race is established at its new course, race director Stacy Chesnutt is finding out how runners felt about the old one.
Like the boyfriend your friends secretly hoped you’d break up with, Burnside Industrial Park will not be missed by the thousands of women who take part in the Sole Sisters June 5K event every year. This year’s event will be taking place from the new Graham’s Grove location on Saturday, June 9.
“I didn’t realize how much they didn’t like Burnside, because they kept coming to the race,” said Chesnutt, who moved to the new location last fall for the October Sole Sisters event. “I was so worried about change, but everyone said they were so glad I finally moved from that ugly course.”

The annual Sole Sisters women’s 5K race will take place in Dartmouth, N.S. from the event’s new location at Graham’s Grove. Shown here are participants during last year’s event.

Photo by Paul Morris

The Burnside course was never about beauty, but more about safety because of the low traffic in the area.
“I liked it when we started, because there was nobody there,” she said. “For the last couple of years, I didn’t like it so much because we didn’t have the greenery we used to have. It just started to get populated by a ton of businesses.”
The new Graham’s Grove course has both beauty and safety. Feedback has been positive, both from those who participated in the October event, and those who have been joining in the Wednesday evening “socials” in the weeks leading up to the June event.
Taking in such popular Dartmouth features as Sullivan’s Pond and Lake Banook, it’s a route that’s easy on the eyes.
“I do like this course we have now better because it’s just stunning,” said Chesnutt. “People didn’t seem to come to the socials when we had them in Burnside, and now we’re getting 50 girls in a week.”
The only downside of the new location is that it cannot handle the same volume of participants. It is now capped at 1,500 instead of the previous 3,200, and this year’s event sold out in April.
Although bummed for the women who didn’t get registered in time, Chesnutt is excited for what this year has in store, including returning features such as the hug station, chocolate station, music and firefighters. Also offered will be newly designed bling and swag, including the Sole Sisters purple tutu she has been sporting at races around the Maritimes.
Chesnutt is not the only woman seen wearing Sole Sisters purple far and wide. It’s about more than just a day in June or October, she explained.
“Sole Sisters is more a community than a race,” she said. “It’s a community of gals. Everybody wants something to belong to, and Sole Sisters is just this really inviting group.”
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