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Surprise April snow falls on Run for Joy

Weather affects turnout at Fredericton fundraiser

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
April 23, 2017

FREDERICTON – It was a surprise snowy day in Fredericton on Saturday, April 22, an unexpected turn of events for planners and participants of the annual Run for Joy.
Unfortunately, the weather seemed to affect the turnout for the event, which was fundraising partnership for the Joy Cares Mission and the Fredericton SPCA.
“It was a good race,” said Joel Flores, manager of the Joy FM Network, which organizes the event. “Snow hindered the maximum turnout. It was a smaller crowd than last year, which was disappointing, considering the partnership.”

Participants in the annual Run for Joy had some surprise snowy fun on Saturday, April 22 in Fredericton.

Photos courtesy of Joy FM 95.6 on Facebook

The Joy Cares Mission is the hands-on volunteer-oriented branch of the Joy FM Network, a Fredericton Christian radio station.
The Run for Joy serves as a kickoff for Care for Joy Week 2017, the annual capital campaign week for the mission.