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Three events join forces to offer Southern N.B. Running Challenge

Marathon by the Sea, Across Town for Crosswinds, Father’s Day 5-Miler all participating

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Jan. 30, 2017

SAINT JOHN, N.B. – Three of New Brunswick’s premiere running events are working together to create a unique new opportunity for runners.
Across Town for Crosswinds in Sussex, and the Father’s Day Five Miler in St. Andrews have joined with Saint John’s Marathon by the Sea to create the Southern New Brunswick Running Challenge, which will see participants collect a piece of a medallion at each event, completing it with the third and final event.

Participants in last year's Marathon by the Sea in Saint John, N.B.

Photo courtesy of Mike Doyle

“It’s all about getting people to dare to do something new, and to take a chance,” said Mike Doyle, race director of Marathon by the Sea. “I find when you get new runners coming to events for the first time, it adds a bit of excitement to the crowd. The people who take part in these challenges aren’t interested in a fast time, they want to complete their challenge, whatever it may be.”
Registrants in the challenge will receive the first piece of their medallion after completing the 5K, 10K or half marathon at Across Town for Crosswinds on May 28 , and only those runners will receive the second piece after completing the St. Andrews Father’s Day 5-Miler on June 18 . They will receive the final piece after completing either the quarter marathon, half marathon or full marathon at Marathon by the Sea on Aug. 13 .
“We are excited to be partnering with two great Southern N.B. races and to be able to offer our participants a unique running challenge,” said Stacy Geldart, race co-director of Across Town for Crosswinds.
The idea came after Doyle started a social media page called Southern New Brunswick Road Race Association. Because Saint John, Sussex and St. Andrews are all within 45 minutes of each other, he thought the challenge would be a great opportunity for runners that would not require long road trips or nights away from home.
The idea was well received by the other race directors.
“Our race is participating in order to promote our event and to get more people coming to our race,” said Mike Power, race co-director of the St. Andrews Father’s Day 5-Miler. “It seems like a neat idea to get local runners trying out different races in the same general area.”
For runners who enjoy the coastal scenery of Southern New Brunswick, and the communities that enjoy having them, the challenge can only be seen as a win-win-win.
“Working with two other events that are so similar, are community-driven, and promote physical activity and healthy living, for everyone is a blessing,” said Doyle. “These events liven up their communities with laughter, smiles and feeling of contentment, not only for the participants but for the communities themselves.”