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Trail running series kicks off with Wascally Wabbit

Sunrise to sunset in the Folly Lake wilderness

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
June 6, 2017

FOLLY LAKE, N.S. – Jodi Isenor likes to put people to the test.
It was that in mind that he and wife Karine started the Cuddly Coyote trail running race in the fall of 2010, leading to a full trail running series the following year: Wascally Wabbit, Sonofa Gunofa Run, and Cuddly Coyote.
This year’s series kicks off this weekend with Wascally Wabbit at Colchester County’s Folly Lake on Saturday, June 10.
“The ultimate goal is to challenge people,” said Isenor. “We love seeing people push past their comfort zone and do distances that they never thought was possible.”

The 2017 Nova Scotia Trail Running series kicks off on Saturday, June 10, with Wascally Wabbit in Folly Lake.

Photo courtesy of Nova Scotia Trail Running

The Wascally Wabbit offers three distance options, a one-lap 27.5K, a two-lap 55K, and a three-lap 82.5K, hosted by the Isenors and some friends who volunteer along the way. The Fundy Trail Snowmobile Club serves as the host venue with its clubhouse, an arrangement appreciated by organizers and participants alike.
“We wanted to create a little ‘runner’s village’ kind of setting the night before the race, so the club allows the participants to camp out (for free) the night before on their property,” Isenor explained. “In the morning, everyone can head inside for a coffee and bagel breakfast that’s included in the registration free.”
Then it’s on to course, a 27.5K loop consisting of 30 kilometres of ATV/cross-country ski trails, and 7.5K of gravel roads. The trail portion features a variety of surfaces, including mud and rock, but is mostly nice, runnable trails, with a great waterfall and numerous brook crossings along the way.
Participants must be prepared, or they will not even be allowed to start. Aside from the aid station at the start/finish, there is only one other on the course, located at a rustic log cabin at the bottom of the course’s biggest downhill section. Mandatory items to be carried by all runners are a charged cell phone, a running jacket, a first aid kit, a buff or toque, one litre of water in bladder pack or bottles/flasks, and drink/food. Anyone running the third lap is also required to bring a headlamp.
“Having only one aid station on the course and carrying mandatory items in a pack is very different for a lot of folks,” said Isenor. “I personally like seeing people get a little squeamish at the thought of going for two hours before getting to an aid station, or having to carry some very basic but super important items in a pack.”
Numbers for this year’s race are looking promising, with 100 signed up as of June 6, compared to a total of 55 last year.
For more on the Wascally Wabbit race, visit here .