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Under the runway lights

New Yarmouth event celebrating airport anniversary

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Sept. 7, 2017

YARMOUTH, N.S. – For 80 years it has welcomed aircraft to Yarmouth, and, this Saturday night, it will welcome 250 runners.
The inaugural Starlight Runway Run will take place in Yarmouth on Saturday, Sept. 9, and organizers are excited about putting on an event under the runway lights.
“We never expected the interest to grow so much in such a short time,” said Candice Phibbs of Mile East Productions, which is coordinating the event. “The airport is an absolutely amazing venue.”
The idea of a run at the airport has been tossed around for some time, according to Phibbs, who said they thought the 80th anniversary of the Yarmouth International Airport would make for the perfect occasion. They approached the airport manager, and moved forward with his support.

An aerial view of the Yarmouth International Airport runway, where the inaugural Starlight Runway Run will take place on Saturday, Sept. 9.

Photo courtesy of Candice Phibbs

Not only will the run coincide with the airport celebrations, it will also connect with the Yarmouth and Acadian Shores Sea to Stars event, which celebrates the dark skies in the region.
“It is our goal to have a fun-filled event, full of light from our participants under the night sky,” she said. “We are also supporting the Yarmouth Ground Search and Rescue team and their work in the area.”
Runners will have their choice between the 5K “Non-Stop Flight,” and the 1K “Direct Flight,” while the 1K “Junior Pilot” kids’ run will also be available. The action takes place at 8:30 p.m.
The event is sold out, with participants signing up from the local area, and some coming from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and even as far away as Vienna, Austria.
“When we set out to plan this event, we were expecting 100 participants,” said Phibbs. “We quickly exceeded that number and, in no time, we were at 150. We chose to cap the event for our first year at 250, and actually met this number two weeks ago.”
Organizers visited the airport earlier this week and were able to stand on the runway at night, with the lights on.
“What an amazing feeling to be out there, wide open space around you, stars above,” she said. “It will only be enhanced with 250 participants out there at the same time, lit up in brightly lit glow materials. This is a truly unique experience for us and our participants.”
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