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Valentine runners converge on Amherst

Jackson wins half marathon race with 1:24:52

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Feb. 19, 2017

AMHERST, N.S. – Runners celebrated Valentine’s Day a few days late in Amherst this year.
The annual Amherst Valentine Run went off without a hitch on Saturday, Feb. 18, much to the delight of race director Ken MacKenzie and 181 runners and walkers.
“It went very well,” said MacKenzie. “I was really pleased with everything – great turnout, weather, volunteers and time.”
The most popular distances were the shorter ones, with both the 5K and 3K events drawing 59 participants each. Forty-one took part in the 10K, while 21 opted for the half marathon.

Runners start off at the Amherst Valentine Run on Saturday, Feb. 18.

Kip Jackson placed first in the half with a time of 1:24:52, followed by Anthony Fromm at 1:28:44 and John Bowser at 1:35:57. Top females were Kathryn Young at 1:54:39, Shelley Carroll at 1:58:07 and Jennifer Kennedy at 1:59:31.
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The conditions in and around the Amherst Industrial Park were better than Jackson expected.
“We had so much snow over the past few days, so it was a relief to see the roads were clear for the most part, and today’s temperature was great,” said Jackson, after the race. “The many volunteers did a super job directing runners, too.”
He said he felt good about his run, particular his pace, which he maintained at a consistent 4:02 per kilometer.
“I took about five weeks off due to injury near the beginning of January, so I was also happy to see that I could run without having the injury flare up again,” said Jackson.
“There’s great spirit in Amherst, and I look forward to running there again,” he added.
Placing first in the 10K was Alan White with a time of 40:55, followed by Daniel Quinn with 42:11 and top female Rochelle Johnston at 43:14. Third place male was Jean-Christophe Comeau at 46:48, while rounding out the females were Jessica Kennedy at 47:25 and Kaitlin Conrad at 51:59.
It was White’s second time participating in the Valentine Run, and a personal best for him in the 10K.
“Last year’s race results were not what I had hoped for, therefore I was very, very motivated to push and train for a much better result in 2017,” he said. “I felt strong during the race and finished feeling like I still had more in the tank.”
White congratulated all the participants and thanked the Amherst Striders and all the volunteers and sponsors involved with putting on the event.
The 5K event saw Colton Cabarello finish first with a time of 20:05, followed closely by Oliver Premier at 20:09, and Paul Thibodeau at 20:44. Top females were Joceline Young at 25:52, Maryline Bedard at 26:55 and Pam Higgs at 28:16.
In the 3K event it was ladies first, with Desiree Beaulieu finishing with a 15:15 time, followed by Rhyan Rusaw Marley Leinwand, both finishing at 20:00. Top males were Arnav Vyakernam at 20:09, Robert Miller at 22:20 and Peter Walker at 22:21.