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Welcome to Georgetown

Second annual run draws 175 participants

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
July 25, 2017

GEORGETOWN, P.E.I. – It was the first time Charley Johnston had ever felt nervous while running.
“I’m not sure why, but my legs felt like Jell-o, and it took the first 3K to feel like my usual self,” said the Cardigan runner, who took part in Sunday’s second annual Georgetown 5 & 10K. “It is hard running against so many wonderful runners and, being a competitive female, it’s tough when the pass you.”
Not many passed her. Johnston finished third overall and the top female in the 10K race, with a time of 44:06.

Michael Zimmerman of Stratford, P.E.I. finished second in the 10K race at the Georgetown 5 & 10K Walk/Run in Georgetown, P.E.I. on Sunday, July 23.

Photo courtesy of PEI Marathon

“I was hoping to run an even pace, react to what other people were doing, and kind of go from there,” he said. “I struggled a bit in the fourth uphill kilometer, but was able to pick up the pace again after that. In the end, it all worked out great.”
He complimented the organizers and volunteers for doing a fantastic job with the course, which he said was well marked with a helpful volunteer at every turn.
Finishing second behind Koppel was Gaetan Dallaire at 19:32, followed by Sam Hawkins at 20:11. The top female finisher was Alaina Dunn of Richmond, Ont., with a time of 24:34, followed by Susan Shive at 24:45, and Rhys O’Brien at 27:05.
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A total of 175 runners and walkers crossed the finish line at the event, much to the satisfaction of race director Myrtle Jenkins-Smith.
“It was just an all-around great day,” she said. “So many people just stayed around. We heard a lot of great things today; they really like the course.”
The weather was also beautiful, making for a nice run through the small island town, which welcomed the runners with open arms.
“We had lots of support from the town too,” said Jenkins-Smith. “When the community wants you there, it makes a huge difference.”
“I felt like I ran strong and fast, and I beat my own personal record,” she said. “It was hoping to run it in about 46 minutes, and I did it in 44:06. That being said, I must have had my fast sneakers on.”
It was Johnston’s second straight year at the Georgetown run, which she said is one of her favourites.
“It is so well organized and the running loop is great,” she said. “It was so nice to see a lot of participants and I hope it gets bigger and bigger every year. Like the Freeze Your Gizzard, it brings a lot of people to this end of the island, and I think it’s wonderful that people can take advantage of it.”
Finishing first overall in the 10K was Craig Hawkins of Halifax, with a time of 40:00, followed by Michael Zimmerman at 43:46, and Johnston at 44:06. The third place male was Jacob Perry at 44:31, while second female was Janet Hawkins at 47:19, followed by Rebecca Macdonald at 51:16.
In the 5K , it was Aivar Koppel of Charlottetown finishing in first place, with a time of 18:56.
With his legs still feeling the effort he put into last weekend’s Cox & Palmer 10K, Koppel said he had no specific plan going into this race.