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Youth prevail at Golden Mile

Ice cream awaited 72 participants at finish line

By Andrew Wagstaff
Maritime Runner
Sept. 17, 2017

CHARLOTTETOWN – With ice cream at the finish line, it’s no wonder these runners finished the ADL Golden Mile so fast.
A total of 72 runners took part in the annual Charlottetown event on Saturday, Sept. 16, with proceeds going to KidSport P.E.I.
Coming in first place was 15-year-old Joel Gallant, with a time of 5:12.
“I think that the ADL Golden Mile is one of my favourite races, and not just because there’s ice cream at the end,” he said. “It’s a short race, and it’s always well organized and fun to attend. There are always lots of kids, and the competition is always great.”

Joel Gallant leads the way in yesterday’s Golden Mile in Charlottetown, followed by Daniel Godfrey, Aivar Koppel and Alex Bain.

j. norman-bain photo

While Gallant did not run as fast as he had planned, he said it was his first race of cross-country season, and he was looking forward to a lot more to come.
Only two seconds behind Gallant in second place was Daniel Godfrey at the 5:14 mark, followed closely by Aivar Koppel at 5:15.
Koppel liked that the race was down a straight, relatively flat road, where everybody parks at the finish and jogs down to the start as a warm-up. The first 200 metres are slightly uphill, so runners must be careful not to go out too fast.
“My plan was to be near the front early on and then run the last 300 metres all out,” he said. “There were three or four of us running together in the lead pack in the first half.”
With about 400 metres to go, the pace was picking up, with everyone seeming to have the same plan of not leaving their finishing kick until the very end.
“I was running as hard as I could the last few hundred metres but was not able to completely match the speed of the first two finishers,” said Koppel, who thanked the organizers, sponsor and volunteers for a job well done.
First among females was 10-year-old Samantha Ostridge with a time of 6:44, followed by Jill MacKinnon at 7:05, and Caitlin Campbell at 7:06.
“It was a great event, and good to see so many young people taking part,” said Campbell. “I had fun. Racing the mile is not something I’ve ever done before, so it was fun to try something different.”
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